7Seven Things To Say About “Tell Her No Lies” by Kelly Irvin

I love a good mystery and this book is just that, a good mystery. Nina is a freelance photographer and the adopted daughter of a well known Judge who happens to be her biological uncle. Rick and Nina have been friends since they were children, though he views their relationship as much more.  Aaron and…

7Seven Things To Say About “Fawkes” by Nadine Brandes

This book is Historical Fantasy Fiction. The Gunpowder plot was based on real events as was Guy Fawkes involvement and death. I enjoyed the Color Powers, and “White Light”.  This book is not categorized as Christian Fiction, however it is published by a Christian Publisher.  In this story the “White Light” is hope and truth….

7Seven Christian Fiction Books I Am Looking Forward to in 2019

For years I worked in a bookstore and every Tuesday was filled with New Releases. That is 52 Tuesdays a year filled with new books being released. In 2019 I am looking forward to MANY BOOKS, however here are 7seven Christian Fiction books I can not wait to read! The Number of Love by Roseanna…

7Seven Stand Out Christian Fiction Books From 2018

2018 was a year filled with some amazing books, in Christian Fiction I was introduced to some great new authors. In this list I have 7seven books that stand out in my mind. More Than Meets the Eye– The Hamiltons are a family who stick close to each other, Zach has always been the provider….

7Seven New Picture Books Coming Fall of 2018!

I have been lucky enough to get a sneak peak of some of the new picture books coming out September/October 2018.  I have decided to take my favorite 7seven and review them here. Anne Arrives– Adapted by Kallie George and Pictures by Abigail Halpin                      …