7Seven Reasons to Watch Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

It is in our nature to compare… especially when there is something new referencing something we love. I love TV show Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries about heiress Phryne Fisher who in the 1920s defies social conventions and becomes a private detective with no intention of settling down. Of course the fashion and glamour of this show lives up to the decade it is representing and I LOVE IT!

In Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries we were introduced to a new 1960s heiress… not just any heiress but Phryne Fisher’s heiress Peregrine Fisher. Peregrine is the daughter of a sister Phryne learned about late in life and who never wanted to meet her. This series follows Peregrine as she gets to know the woman Phryne was and chooses to step into her aunts role in the Adventuress’ Club as Lady Detective.

It would be so easy to compare these television shows, but… why? The 1920s and 1960s are 40 years apart, so much is different between the buildings, fashion, relationships, and just basic aesthetics. These 2 separate shows can not be compared to each other. Both decades are glamourous but for anyone who has seen the fun and cartoony cinema of the 1960s you know that to do the era justice it has to stand on its own.

Now that we have addressed the unnecessary comparisons here are the 7Seven reasons to watch Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries.

– Peregrine is a strong and independent woman who does not backdown to ANYONE.

– FOUND FAMILY… I am a sucker for a found family. The adventuresses have created a great family of an odd and successful group of women, and let’s not forget about Samuel.

– Detective James Stead a traditional man who is drawn to Peregrine’s untraditional life.

– THE FASHION! The 1960s fashion is so modern, colorful, and sleek. Peregrine has an AMAZING wardrobe.

– The 1960s spy… mystery at its finest with women as the crime fighters not arm candy!!!!

– Samuel and Violeta… they are couple goals!

– This series is whimsical and fun for any fan of the Light Murder Mystery genre.

Season 2 of this show has just been released on AcornTV. Now come on AcornTV we need a season 3

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