7Seven Things to Say about Everything

It has been a long time since I have written although I have wanted to on many occasions; after reading a good book, watching a great series, or when I feel like sharing my thoughts.

Over the past year so much has changed in my life and yet in many ways things are just the same. I think many people can relate.

In 2020 I had a cancer scare, lost a family member (not COVID related), and experienced a lot of stress as an Essential Worker. Through it all the Lord was constant even when I felt overwhelmed the Holy Spirit was leading me.

If you know me very well or have read past blog posts you know that I love Books, Movies, TV, Sewing, Painting, Designing in every form, and basically anything that inspires creativity. I cannot honestly say that I will write more, but I can say that I have several things I could write about.

Here are 7 blog titles for future posts. If any of these sound like something you would like to read please let me know.

7Seven TV Series Set in WWII That I Highly Recommend.

7Seven of My FAVORITE Murder Mystery Shows… Okay There May Be More Than 7Seven.

7Seven Reasons Any Audiobook Fan Should be Using Chirp, and Why You Should be an Audiobook Fan

7Seven Scriptures That Get Me Through Each Day

7Seven Things To Say Dream Board

The 7Seven Things I Collect and Why

7Seven of My Favorite Places in North Carolina

My Favorite 7Seven Books, Movies, and TV Shows

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