7Seven Favorite Women Detective TV Characters

I love a good mystery and there are some great detective shows on TV.  Here are 7seven of my favorite female detectives. Femaledetectives.jpg

  1. Phryne Fisher– This character originated in the book series by Kerry Greenwood.  Essie Davis brings Phryne to life in the Australian TV series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and an upcoming film Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears.  Phryne is a woman who knows how to catch a murderer and she does it with such style.  Set in the 1920s the clothing is absolutely gorgeous, however Phryne is a character way ahead of her time.  Always willing to help Detective Jack Robinson, she doesn’t let the law or rules get in the way of solving the crime.  She has created a wonderful family with some great characters that help her in all her investigations. This is currently available to Stream on Acorn TV
  2. Luella Shakespeare– Lu Shakespeare is one of the main characters in the British series Shakespeare and Hathaway.  In the first episode she hires detective Frank Hathaway to investigate her fiancé, Frank discovers her fiancé is a con man.  Lu decides to continue with the wedding anyway, however shortly after the ceremony he is found dead and Lu is the prime suspect.  Frank stays on the case to clear her name.  After her name is cleared she decides to take the money her dead con man husband had tried to steal from her and buy in as a partner of Frank’s detective agency.  Each mystery brings wacky characters into Lu and Frank’s agency.  Lu is such a fun character and I absolutely love this show.  This is currently available to stream on Britbox.
  3. Agatha Raisin– This character originated in MC. Beaton’s Agatha Raisin Mystery Series.  Agatha retired early from PR and moved to a small village in the Cotswolds.  When Agatha moves into the small quiet village, she discovers she has a natural instinct to solve murders.  Of course until Aggie moved to the Cotswold’s murder was not common.  Aggie is a character full of color and whimsy, her bold personality can clash with the English countryside.  The group of characters around her help her fit in, in the most surprising ways. This is currently available on Acorn TV
  4.  Peregrine Fisher– This is a spin off of Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries…actually spin off isn’t the right term.  Peregrine is only connected to Phryne by name, this show is it’s own thing.  Peregrine is down and out, but she was left an estate by an unknown Aunt (Phryne).  This show has all of the charm of a 1960s spy show.  The cartoony characters, costumes, and mysteries make it worth watching.  This Australian show is currently available on Acorn TV
  5. Alexa Crowe– is a retired detective who the police still call in to help solve murders.  She is a tough woman who is mourning the loss of her husband who had also been a police officer.  Alexa is strong and confident, but wants a quieter life, however her curiosity prevents her from turning down a job working with the police to solve a murder.   This is currently streaming on Acorn TV
  6. Ms. Marple – is the creation of Agatha Christie, this spinster overlooked by many is always able to see the truth.  There are several adaptations of the Ms. Marple character, however my favorite is Geraldine McKeown.  This series is available on Acorn Tv and Hulu.
  7. Bletchley Circle – This isn’t one woman but 4, these woman who had helped crack codes in WWII have now discovered they are able to use that same talent to solve murders.  Susan Gray, Millie, Lucy, and Jean all work together in the first series, in the second Susan leaves with her family and Alice takes her place with the group.  The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco follows Millie and Jean as they take their crime solving from London to San Francisco they are helped by Iris and Hailey.  Bletchley Circle can be streamed on Masterpiece and Bletchley Circle San Francisco can be streamed on Britbox.

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