7Seven Things to Say About My To Be Read Pile

Any avid reader knows that no matter how big your TBR (To Be Read) pile is you can’t pass up a Used Book Sale, E-book Sale, or even the release of a new book by an Author you love.  There is always room for more…well maybe not but lets face it Avid Readers don’t care if there is room.

We have all seen the meme, “It’s not hoarding if it’s books.”  Sadly it doesn’t matter what it is called I am addicted to books!  Reading books, purchasing books, collecting books, and even writing…(I know I am not the best blogger, non-fiction is hard for me.  But I do write fiction, maybe someday I will share a bit of it…or maybe not)

Now I am a fast reader, most books can be finished in one sitting and in maybe 2-3 hours, but my TBR pile still feels daunting.  I have books I need to read to review, not necessarily on this blog but in other forums.  I have books I want to read and may review on this blog, and I have books I love and reread on a regular basis.

Unfortunately I work 2 jobs on top of reviewing books, that makes reading for fun ALMOST impossible…but I still make some time.  Don’t get me wrong most of the books I review I want to read, in fact I have found several new favorite Authors because of my Book Review gig.

So let me tell you about my TBR PILES,

  1. I keep my To Be Read books separate from my Read books.
  2. In order to not feel overwhelmed I keep a small TBR pile in the living room near where I sit to relax.  This way I have several(12) book options at my fingertips when I am relaxing.
  3. Not all the books in my TBR pile will be read with in the next 5 years or maybe ever…by me at least.  Something I do twice a year is reread the back of the books in my TBR pile to see if I am still interested in that title or not.
  4. I do not read my TBR pile in the order in which I acquire them.  I just can’t, if I am reading the book to review I have to read it before a book I purchased.
  5. When at a Used Book Sale all reason is out the window, and I tend to be interested in more genres and subjects.  The result is I bring home books that I would not normally read.  This is why item 3 is so important, when looking through my TBR piles and realizing I purchased something I will probably never read I am able to donate or give the book to someone who would read it.
  6. Over a year ago I designed and built myself a new bed(no pictures because I have yet to finish the wood…to paint or stain?  I can’t decide).  This bed is basically meant to house books and one quadrant nearest where I sleep is filled with more of my TBR pile.  In fact this is where the bulk of my TBR pile is… though it has spread to other quadrants, EEK!
  7. So far I have only addressed my physical books, but my e-reader a Samsung Nook Tab A is FILLED with books.  Though I bought a Nook I also utilize the Kindle app on the same device.  Through both apps I have thousands of books and hundreds of books still TBR.  Now we have talked about paper books and e-books, but I also love audio books.  My TBR pile of audio books is a lot smaller than the other versions, but it is still daunting.

Hopefully my TBR Pile confessions make you feel better about your own TBR piles, or maybe yours are worse.  All that matters is that as Avid readers we never run out of things to read.


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