7Seven Things To Say About “More Than Words Can Say” By Karen Witemeyer

Karen Witemeyer is one of my favorite Historical Christian Fiction Author, her Westerns are filled with brave women, humor, a little mystery, and romance.

  1. Abigail Kemp has been running the Taste of Heaven bakery on her own since her Dad got sick and died.  However a law that prevents women from owning their own business is about to close her families bakery.  Everyone in town seems to be against her and her sister, without the bakery they have no way to survive.
  2. Now Abigail has 2 weeks to come up with a plan to keep her bakery her only solution is to marry.  Once she marries the building would be in her husbands name and she could continue running the business as she had.  After compiling a list of men she thinks would be the best husbands.
  3. On the top of Abigail’s list is Zach Hamilton, we know Zach from Karen’s previous book “More Than Meets the Eye”.  Zach is a man who likes his freedom, but he is also a man that would stand up and protect his family.
  4. Zach is blown away by Abigail’s proposal, he enjoyed going into her bakery he couldn’t believe she would want to marry him.  Saying yes to Abigail would put a stop to the freedom he enjoyed.  However the idea of one of the other men marrying Abigail didn’t sit right with Zach either.
  5. This book was heavier on the romance then I remember Karen’s other books being, although Abigail and Zach are probably one of my favorite couples that Karen has written.
  6. Many of the characters are holding on to secrets or shame that haunts them.  This book is a great story of God’s Grace and letting go of the past.
  7. There were so many directions I thought this book was going to go in, yet in the end it was perfect.

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