7Seven Things to Say About Deeanne Gist’s Books

I have been patiently waiting for a new book from Deeanne Gist since her last book “Tiffany Girl” came out May 5, 2015.  Four long years have gone by and it was beginning to feel like we would never have a new book.  Then her Instagram followers were given a glimmer of hope as she spent the month of April away on a writing sabbatical and prior to that she had been working on some research.  I cannot wait for the finished product, in anticipation I am going to talk about my favorite books. 

1.       “A Bride Most Begrudging” – Lady Constance Morrow’s journey to America didn’t go as planned, marrying Drew O’Connor may be her only hope.  Drew is a farmer in the colonies needs a wife to manage his household, but Lady Constance can’t even cook.  This marriage of convenience feels anything but convenient.

2.       “Deep in the Heart of Trouble” – this is the second book in a 2 book series about Essie Spreckelmeyer.  This particular book is my FAVORITE of Deeanne Gist, it is also the first of her books I read.  Essie a bicycling enthusiast and self-proclaimed spinster has no intention of being courted or getting married.  She is dedicated to her relationship with Jesus and her work.  Tony Morgan shows up in her Texas town and changes ALL of her plans.

3.       “Love on the Line” – Georgie Gail is a switchboard operator and member of the Audubon Society, when Luke Palmer arrives in town as the new telephone man.    Luke Palmer is really a Texas Ranger seeking a gang of train robbers, but everywhere he turns Georgie seems to be in the way.

4.       “Maid to Match”- This book is set at Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.  Tillie has always dreamed of working her way up the ranks of service in Biltmore, but when Mack Danvers a rugged mountain man is hired on as a footman her plans change.  This is a great book for fans of Downton Abbey.

5.       “Bride in the Bargain”- Anna wanted to move west to work as a cook she had know idea the ad she answered was to be a Mercer Bride.  Joe was looking for a wife, but he will have to settle for a cook because Anna has no intention of marrying.

6.       “It Happened at the World Fair”- Cullen is an inventor going to the 1893 World’s Fair, however once there the noise in the expedition his invention in is so loud he can’t hear potential clients.  Cullen decides to learn to read lips, enter Della a teacher to the deaf who is also attending the World’s Fair.  This book transports the reader to the fair, the sights and smells.

7.       “Tiffany Girl”- Flossie Jayne is an ambitious artist who was selected by Louis Tiffany to work on the Tiffany Chapel for the 1893 World’s Fair.  I think this book is different then most of Deeanne Gist books because there is a larger cast of characters.  As with everything she writes it is beautifully written and carefully researched.

Deeanne has 11 books and 1 novella, the 7 highlighted are my favorite but I have truly enjoyed all of her characters and stories.  Reading each of her books multiple times   

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