7Seven Things to Say About “Sweet on You” by Becky Wade

“Sweet on You” is the third and final book in the “A Bradford Sisters Romance”.  Last May I read the first book in this series and from that moment I was hookedSweetonYouFinalCoverSmall.  Becky Wade weaves together a great mystery and love story that keeps the reader engaged and entertained.    

1.       Naturally in this final installment we follow Britt the youngest of the three Bradford sisters, as she assists her best friend investigate the death of his Uncle Frank.  Britt is the owner of a chocolate shop “Sweet Art”.

2.       Zander has been Britt’s best friend for 14 years, the whole time he hid the fact that he was also completely in love with her.  After his book was published he decided he couldn’t sit by anymore knowing that she only thought of him as a friend.  So he left on a Grand Tour, but one and a half years into his trip his Uncle Frank dies unexpectedly of a heart attack. 

3.       Now back in Washington State Zander is hit with the news that his Uncle had been missing for several hours before he died and no one knows where he was and who he was with.  Britt is first in line to assist him in his and his Aunt Carolyn’s questions. 

4.       With the help of Nora the genealogist expert, they discover that Uncle Frank isn’t who they thought he was.  With more questions than answers his death is looking more and more suspicious. 

5.       With Zander back in town Britt is having a hard time keeping some of her own secrets.  Knowing that he will not only be hurt but angry she didn’t tell him sooner.

6.       As the two best friends reconnect Zander may not be the one wanting more from their friendship.

7.       Britt’s independent nature prevents her from leaning on others, not wanting to seem weak or wanting to burden others with her problems.  But after life threatening situations she realizes that vulnerability and leaning on others isn’t weakness, it’s love.

I LOVE this series and will definitely reread all three books again.  This is a great book for fans of Hallmark Mystery movies. 

Becky Wade ends this book with one of my favorite scriptures, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your was submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”  Proverbs 3: 5-6

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