7Seven Things to Say About ‘Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries’

Before diving into ‘Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries’ I want to address the obvious comparisons that everyone wants to make.  I want to start by saying Peregrine Fisher is not Phryne Fisher, there are similarities but they did not create her from a mold, and I am so glad.  I love, love, LOVE the original show but this needed to be different to keep me, and it was.  Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries succeeds in creating a 1960s technicolor dream.  One of the things I enjoy so much about movies from the 1960s is that they almost feel like you are watching a cartoon.  In selfishness I was eager to see references to the characters I love and some sense of where they are now or what happened to them.  Though there are several quiet nods to the original characters none are mentioned with the exception of Phryne.

  1. On his death bed Phryne Fisher’s dad admitted to having a love-child.  Phryne attempted to start a relationship with her half-sister, but was unsuccessful.  Peregrine is the daughter of that half-sister. Unemployed and all alone in the world when the letter of inheritance comes Peregrine is eager for a new chapter in life.
  2. Just Murdered– This is the first episode and our first introduction to Peregrine modernmysteries1Fisher.  Peregrine is thrust into a life of glamour and adventure.  Unfortunately she is forced to prove her worth before becoming a member of The Adventuresses’ Club her Aunt helped found.  After Peregrine finds out her Aunt Phryne was a famous detective she decides to follow in her footsteps.  Her first case is the murder of a model for a well known Emporium.  The only thing that could stand in her way is the corrupted Chief Inspector Sparrow, who is glad to finally be rid of Phryne Fisher and not too pleased to meet her niece.  Detective James Steed is however a great asset to Peregrine’s investigation, even though he is a bit hesitant to help her.  *Highlights of this episode: When Peregrine makes her grand entrance by coming through the roof.  Peregrine getting to see the modern house and car she inherited from Phryne.
  3. Detective James Steed is immediately taken with Peregrine.  When she walks into any room his eyes are immediately on her.  His character is strong and sweet, it is clear that he had helped Phryne before she disappeared in New Guinea.
  4. Dead Beatmodernmysteries5 When a pop singer and teen sensation dies on live television Peregrine shows up to solve the crime.  The main suspect however turns out to be her ex-boyfriend.  In this episode we get to learn more about a few of the women in The Adventuress’ Club, including possible mob ties. *Highlights of this episode: Adventuress Violetta Fellini letting her hair down and singing a Italian Pop Song.  The bond that Peregrine is creating with the other Adventuress’ and Detective Steed.
  5. Space for Murdermodernmysteries6Birdie the head of The Adventuress’ Club and former spy is sent an urgent SOS from her former spy partner.  Peregrine and Birdie set out to find her, unfortunately she is already dead when they do.  Peregrine goes undercover in a secret military facility that seems to have a lot to do with aliens and UFOs.  *Highlights of this episode: When Detective Steed is drugged with a truth serum that causes hallucinations there is a great series of interactions between him and Peregrine.
  6. Seasoned Murdermodernmysteries8There is a murder at a culinary school that has connections to The Adventuress’ Club and the Constabulary.  *Highlights for this episode: When Peregrine tries her hand at cooking.
  7. Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries is set in the 1960s.  The fashions and sets are characters of their own, helping to tell the story and transform us to another time. Geraldine Hakewell is the actress who plays Peregrine and she was born to wear 1960s fashions.

I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a strong female led murder mystery, 1960s spy movies, or just if you want to travel back in time to the 1960s.  If you are looking for a Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries remake this is not it, this stands on its own 1960s platform heels.

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