7Seven Things To Say About Colleen Coble’s ‘A Lavender Tides Series’

  1. ‘A Lavender Tides Series’ consists of 3 novels and 1 novella. book-the-view-from-rainshadow-bay
  2. “The View from Rainshadow Bay” Shauna has lost her husband, her business partner, and now it looks like her life is in danger.  As a single mother she has no choice but to turn to the man she blames for her husband’s death, his best friend Zach.
  3. “The House at Saltwater Point” Ellie’s sister Mackenzie goes missing and she is determined to find her.  However most people believe that Mac is dead because of the amount of her blood found on the boat.  When a Coast Guard intelligence officer shows up investigating cocaine he believe Mac stole, Ellie enlists his help to find her.  Grayson and Ellie have different motives in finding Mac but working together may be their only chance at answers. This was my favorite in the series.
  4. “Secrets at Cedar Cabin” Bailey this on the run and hiding out in a old cabin, but while hiding from one danger she uncovers another.  When Lance an FBI agent shows up on his own mission, Bailey has to decide how much she can trust him.
  5. All 3 novels are filled with danger, mystery, intrigue, and romance.  However tying all of these stories together are secrets that when revealed bring a family back together.
  6. Nobody writes Christian Mystery Romances like Colleen Coble, whether contemporary or historical they always entertain.  When I am in the mood for a good mystery and romance Colleen is the first author that comes to mind.
  7. The most important thing about Christian Fiction is that the characters grow in their faith which then leads the reader to think about their own.  Colleen does this seamlessly in her stories.

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