My 7Seven Favorite Doris Day Romantic Comedies

April 3, 2019 is Doris Day’s 97th birthday.  As a child I thought that Doris Day was the ideal woman.  My goal was to work a job where I could wear hats and dresses just like she did in her movies.  Though my dreams and aspirations changed, I still love her and she remains one of my favorite actresses.  In honor of her 97th birthday here are my favorite 7Seven Doris Day Romantic Comedies.

Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back Pillow Talk 1959 9– Okay this is two movies and they are equally my favorite.  They are the classic Doris Day and Rock Hudson romantic comedies, each co-starring Tony Randall.  The main reason I am listing them together is because they are basically the same plot line.  Rock Hudson’s character pretends to be someone else to pursue Doris Day’s character.  A romance built on these lies and intentions is a horrible thought, but I still love these movies.


Send Me No Flowerss-l300This movie is equal parts comedy genius and completely annoying.  Rock Hudson is a hypochondriac who is married to Doris Day, Rock overhears his doctor talking about a patients terminal test results and believes he is the patient.  He then decides to keep his “terminal” diagnosis a secret and with the help of his friend and neighbor Tony Randall find a replacement companion for his wife for after his death.  The best part of this movie is Tony Randall, he plays the prematurely grieving best friend so well that he steals the show from the two amazing lead actors.


It Happened to Jane – Doris Day is a widow who with the help of her best friend Jack Lemmon is running a lobster business and raising two children.  When the railroad doesn’t deliver her lobsters on time she takes the railroad to court.  Making national news she attracts a lot of attention.  I think Doris Day and Jack Lemmon make a great team in this movie.


Touch of Mink – Doris Day is unemployed and looking for work when she is splashed by a limo in the streets. that-touch-of-mink-doris-day-cary-grant With a completely ruined coat and outfit she storms into the office of the man who splashed her and comes face to face with Cary Grant.  Cary Grant is a wealthy womanizer who immediately takes to Doris and requests she go away for a long weekend with him.  I enjoy this romantic comedy it has the feel of a Rock Hudson and Doris Day movie with Cary standing in for Rock and Gig Young standing in for Tony Randall.


Glass Bottom BoatglassDoris Day takes on a job working as a tour guide at NASA where there is a top secret “Gizmo” in the works.  When Rod Taylor the brains behind “Gizmo” meets Doris he wants her assigned to help him.  Paul Lynd over hears Doris’s daily phone call to her dog and believes she is calling a Russian spy.  This movie is a slapstick comedy and I love it, Dom Deluise and Dick Martin also make appearances.


Pajama Game PAJAMA-GAME-THE-7 Doris Day works in a Pajama factory and is on the Union Leadership committee.  John Raitt (Bonnie Raitt’s Dad) is a new manager at the same Pajama factory.  This is a great musical and in the midst of the singing and dancing there is a story of hard working people trying to earn a living wage.


Tea for Two tumblr_obb53jxCPs1uoae3so1_1280Doris Day plays a socialite who makes a bet with her Uncle that she must say “No” to everything for 24 hours.  This movie stars Gordan Mcrea, Doris stars in several movies with him and all are equally charming.



On Moonlight bay and its sequel By the Light of the Silvery Moon, would be great options if a Romantic Comedy is not what your looking for.  These two movies are for fans of Life with Father and Meet Me in St. Louis.  All of the movies listed above are color, some of the stills are in black and white but the actual films are color.




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