7Seven Things to Say About “The Girl Who Chased the Moon” by Sara Addison Allen

There are few authors who can write books that you want to read and reread over and over again.  I have read “The Girl Who Chased the Moon” four times and look forward to reading it many more.  This was the first book by Sara Addison Allen that I read and I have since read several more.  She creates a magical world filled with characters and places that are whimsical and full of glitter.

  1. Teenager Emily Benedict has just lost her mother and was sent to live with the Grandfather she never knew in Mullaby, North Carolina.  When she arrives she realizes Mullaby is no ordinary town, it is a town filled with secrets, strange “Mullaby Lights”, magical wallpaper, and its very own giant.  The 8 foot giant isn’t just anyone it happens to be Vance Shelby, Emily’s Grandfather.
  2. After being in Mullaby for a few days Emily sees how people treat her differently, whispering and looking at her in distrust.  She soon learns that her mother had been seen as a teenage villain before leaving town and never returning.
  3. When Emily arrives she is befriended by the 30-something neighbor of her Grandfather, Julia Winterson.  Julia has her own secrets, she moved back to town after her father died to take care of his restaurant and eventually sell it at a profit.  Her main goal, to get out of this town where she never fit in.  But the longer she stays in town the closer she gets to people she thought she could never trust, and the one who had already hurt her the most.
  4. Emily is drawn to a local boy, she can’t explain it, but everyone in town seems to think they shouldn’t be friends.  As Emily begins to question people’s reaction to her, the secrets of her mother’s past are revealed.  The girl they describe is nothing like the philanthropic and inspiring woman that raised Emily.
  5. Once Julia finally lets go of all of the secrets she has been holding onto for so long she realizes where she belongs.
  6. Since Emily’s first night in Mullaby there have been lights in the woods behind her house.  A special kind of moonlight that no one can explain, her Grandfather’s one rule is to stay away from the lights.  How can Emily stay away from the lights when she doesn’t know what they are.
  7. This book is filled with glitter and sparkle, as I read it I can see the small town, smell the baked goods, and imagine the moonlight.  With this book I laugh, cry, and just enjoy being in this world.

Just a side note, I typically write about Children’s Fiction or Christian Fiction.  This book is neither, this is a General Market Fiction title.  For the most part it is pretty clean, I would say if it was a movie it would be PG-13.

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