7Seven Things To Say About “Fawkes” by Nadine Brandes

  1. This book is Historical Fantasy Fiction.
  2. The Gunpowder plot was based on real events as was Guy Fawkes involvement and death.
  3. I enjoyed the Color Powers, and “White Light”.  This book is not categorized as Christian Fiction, however it is published by a Christian Publisher.  In this story the “White Light” is hope and truth.  It was a great way to show how God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit.
  4. Thomas Fawkes has the plague, with the help of his eye patch no one knows.  When his secret is discovered he is banished from school before receiving his Color Power.  Thomas is a Keeper and because of that he does not trust or listen to the White Light, however it has started talking to him.
  5. Thomas ends up in London and finds his father the famous Guy Fawkes, whom he has never met.  Guy Fawkes gets Thomas involved in his plot to kill King James, even though the White Light is telling Thomas not to help with the plot.
  6. Emma a girl Thomas knows from school is an Igniter who listens and talks to White Light.  She is different, full of hope, trust, and kindness.  Thomas and Emma team up putting their differences aside.
  7. I really enjoyed this book, and the unique twist the author put on this story.


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