7Seven Things to Say About Julie Klassen’s Tales From Ivy Hill Series

  1. The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill- This was the first book of the series, and it was released in 2016.  We are introduced to Rachel, Jane, Mercy, and the rest of the village.  This book puts Jane at the center of the story as the young widow fights to save her husband’s Coaching Inn.
  2. Ladies of Ivy Cottage- The second book of the series was released in 2017.  This book follows Rachel as she creates a circulating library with the only thing her father left her, books.
  3. The Bride of Ivy Green- This is the third book released in December of 2018.  Mercy becomes the center of the story, her brother and his new bride have decided they want to live in Ivy Cottage.  This leaves Mercy without her own home and a place to run her beloved school.
  4. I immediately listened to the audiobook of The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill and loved it, but it had pulled me in so much at the end it left me wanting more.  This is the reason I despise series, I need an ending!  So after finishing this book and hearing that this would be a 3 book series, I decided that I would by all of the books but I would not read or listen to them until all 3 had been released.
  5. With this series I did something I have never done before, I listened to the audiobook first.  Normally I will buy and read a book first and if I enjoyed it I will purchase the audiobook later to listen to while I work or while driving. I truly enjoyed listening to these audiobooks.  It was such a epic regency drama, it felt like I was listening to a radio drama, I loved it.
  6. This series would make a great Masterpiece Drama series, this series is for fans of Jane Austen or Elizabeth Gaskell.
  7. This is a great series, it should be read and enjoyed.  However I also suggest that any reader makes sure they have access to all 3 books, because once you visit Ivy Hill you will be charmed into staying for awhile.

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