7Seven Things to Say About “The Traditions of Christmas”

  1. This book was written by Bill Abrams and published in 1989 and has been a Christmas Tradition in our home since.
  2. We read these 1 story each night for the 5 nights before Christmas, when I was a child.  I still enjoy reading them every Christmas.
  3. Santa’s New Helper- It’s Christmas Eve night and Beth can’t sleep, she kept getting up and asking her parents if Santa had come yet.  Finally Beth drifted to sleep and dreamed of Santa coming and helping him get all of the presents in the stockings and under the tree.
  4. Let Heaven and Nature Sing- Three singers who always perform at the Christmas Eve Church service were practicing Joy to the World, when they heard something.  When they went to investigate they found a young boy, they told him he could listen but to be quiet so they could practice.  Once they started singing they could hear a beautiful singing voice, when they looked they saw the young boy.  They decided that his voice was just the extra special voice they were missing.
  5. Grandpa’s Surprise- Grandpa was visiting the Perez family from Puerto Rico the kids were sad because Christmas was over.  Grandpa decided it was time for them to learn about Three Kings Day.
  6. A Feast to Remember- The Bono family was celebrating Christmas when Grandpa started telling them the story of how they came to live at Bono Vineyard.  Grandpa and Grandma were young with a new baby and little money, things were hard but the held onto hope.
  7. The Tree of Life- This is about a little boy named Daniel who lived in the country and loved trees.  He would play around the trees and gave his favorite trees names, his favorite was a blue spruce he named “Simon”.  One day before a trip to visit his Uncle in New York City Daniel ran out and found that “Simon” was gone and only a stump remained.  Daniel was so sad as they were walking around in New York City Daniel could see people skating and then he saw a giant Christmas tree and he knew that it was “Simon”.

Unfortunately this book is out of print but if you are interested in it I have seen some sold by book dealers on Amazon and EBay.


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