7Seven Things to Say About Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”

On the 3rd day of Christmas I received… 3 ghosts, past, present, and future.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens I love this story, in every format.  I love to read it, watch it, and listen to it.  The ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future visit Scrooge and help him see the world around him through a new perspective.  

  1. A Christmas Carol book is what now would be described as a novella, it is a short book that takes maybe an hour or two to read.  For anyone who needs a quick holiday read this is the book for you!
  2. The ghost of Christmas Past reveals to Scrooge the experiences of his past that he had allowed to make him bitter.  We all of the things in our past that shaped us, and when we look at our reaction to those things we can like Scrooge look on with fondness, regret, and grief.
  3. The ghost of Christmas Present allows Scrooge to see the lives of the people in his life that he takes for granted.  We all get bogged down with the day to day, it easy to forget the people around us not only need our love and support, but are trying to give us love and support.  In the busy it becomes easy to take the people closest to us for granted.
  4. The ghost of Christmas Future allows Scrooge to see the future if he doesn’t change and begin to treat those around him differently.  Past and Present are easy for us to look at in our own lives, the Future is a bit harder.  I think it is important to look ahead a bit, to see the future we want and figure out if we are heading in the write direction.
  5. There are so many film adaptations of “A Christmas Carol” and to be honest I love them all, however there are 3 categories when it comes to these adaptations.  classic, animated, and loosely adapted.  Even though I do enjoy all of them I prefer the classic and animated versions, so I will focus on those two categories.
  6. Classic Film Adaptations A Christmas Carol 1938, Scrooge 1951, and Christmas Carol 1984 are my 3 favorite.  I watch them every year, however Scrooge 1951 is my all-time favorite.
  7. Animated Film Adaptations, Mickey’s Christmas Carol, A Flinstones Christmas Carol, Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol, and Bah, Humduck” A Looney Tunes Christmas.  These are the animated adaptations I watch every year, however my favorite is of course Mickey’s Christmas Carol made in 1983.  I believe my love of this story started with Mickey’s Christmas Carol as a child.


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