7Seven Things To Say About David Baldacci’s “The Christmas Train”

On the first day of Christmas I read “The Christmas Train”.

1.  I have never read a David Baldacci book, but I love Christmas and a good Train mystery.  Now I wouldn’t say this is a mystery, but there is some suspense.

2.  Tom is a journalist who has gone from war correspondent to writing for the Ladies Home Journal.  Tom decided to ride the train for many reasons, the main one is he has been banned from flying within the United States for arguing with a security officer.  The other more personal reason is taking this particular train had been a dream of his late father.

3.  Eleanor is writing a script with well known director Max Powers and is on the train for writing and research.

4.  Of course Tom and Eleanor are exes who haven’t seen each other in years.  Based on Eleanor’s reaction to his existence on the train it is obvious they have a rocky past.

5.  The characters that fill the seats of this train are fun, mysterious, eclectic, and annoying.  While on the cross country journey there is a string of thefts, a wedding, a break up, an unwanted animal interaction, an avalanche, and an engagement.  This train ride will keep you entertained for sure.

6.  Christmas of 2017 there was a Hallmark movie by the same name based on this book.  Staring Dermot Mulroney, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Danny Glover, and Joan Cusack.  The movie by itself is good, I hadn’t watched it until I finished this book today, but I did enjoy.

7.  The movie is good, however they change the characters a LOT.  The book is filled with such great characters that are left out of the movie, or changed completely.  I definitely feel that the movie is worth the watch, but the book as always adds so much more.Picture3

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