7Seven Reasons “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” is the Perfect Book for Your Family this Christmas

  1. This is a short children’s novel that brings the spirit of Christmas to life.  It is also the first book in the Herdmans series by Barbara Robinson.  If you are already a fan of this book and series, I suggest that you listen to the audiobook narrated by Elaine Stritch.  Elaine brings the characters and story to life, I have always loved this story but with this narration I love it even more.
  2. The Herdmans are the rowdiest, rudest, angriest, meanest, and scariest kids in town and the only place anyone is free of them is Church.  However when they hear that there are treats at Church they decide to go and see what kind of treats they can get.
  3. It just so happens that the one Sunday the Herdmans show up is the Sunday they are handing out parts for the Christmas Pageant.  The Herdmans decide that they should be in it, Imogene takes the role of Mary, Ralph is Joseph, Gladys is the Angel of the Lord and there other 3 brothers are the Wiseman.
  4. With the Herdmans cast as all of the major characters everyone believes it is sure to be a disaster.  On the night of the first rehearsal it becomes clear that the Herdmans have never heard the Christmas Story before.
  5. The leader of the Pageant goes through the story and all of the kids are taken through the story through the eyes of the Herdmans.  For the kids like me raised in Church the story of Jesus’ birth is something you learn at a young age, so when you witness someone hearing it for the first time it brings back the majesty.
  6. The Herdmans are so moved by the story they attempt to get a library card to learn more about Jesus, specifically what happened to the evil King Herod.
  7. On the night of the pageant the Herdmans do make changes, but they don’t ruin the pageant they enhance it.  Their hearts and minds have been open to the Miracle of Jesus’ birth.

If you are having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year, or you just love Christmas I suggest you read this book.

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