7Seven Things to Say About “Murder at the Flamingo” by Rachel McMillan

  1. Hamish Deluca is a lawyer from Toronto who suffers from anxiety issues, and in the 1930s there isn’t a lot of understanding.  His father has always tried to protect him, guiding and controlling his career.  Hamish is twenty-five years old and tired of his father ‘helping’, so he boards a train and travels to Boston where his cousin Luca is setting up a new night club The Flamingo.
  2. Reggie is a socialite who is expected to marry her longtime boyfriend, her parents approve.  She needs more…more of what she doesn’t know, but for starters she is moving to Boston to live as an independent woman.  First things first she needs a job, but who would hire a socialite?  Reggie gets a job answering phones for Luca a man who came to Boston from Chicago, and he doesn’t want anything from Chicago following him to Boston.
  3. Reggie and Hamish are both thrust into the mysteries surrounding Luca and the shady company he keeps.
  4. On the opening night of the Flamingo a cigarette girl Mary is murdered, Luca is immediately arrested and then let go…the death is ruled an accident.  The only problem is Reggie found the body and Hamish was the first person she showed.  They saw the evidence and it wasn’t an accident.  So why are the police ignoring the obvious evidence and who killed Mary.
  5. Reggie is a fan of Crime movies such as The Thin Man, and Hamish is the son of a female detective.  These two are the perfect amateur sleuth team, and they make it clear to everyone that they are on the case.
  6. If you are a fan of the Thin Man movies, or even 1930s movies in general you will enjoy this book.
  7. This is a fun book…murder mystery and all.  I really enjoyed it and look forward to more in this series.  I want to make it clear this is not a love story, there is attraction and maybe a budding romance, but it is not a love story.  It is a friendship story, a trust story, and a story of loyalty.

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  1. And the cover is fabulous


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