7Seven Things to Say About “The Law of Finders Keepers” by Sheila Turnage

  • This is the fourth book of the “Mo and Dale Mysteries Series” and has been marketed as the final book.  I am hopeful that it isn’t the final book, I need Mo, Dale, Harm, and the rest of the Tupelo Landing rthW2ATE75Lesidents in my life.  I NEED more mysteries.
  • Mo, Dale, and Harm are now established detectives with Desperado Detective agency.  This book has them still in Middle School and working two major cases, the first is the case of Blackbeard’s treasure.  Rumor has it, it is somewhere in Tupelo Landing and they are desperate to find it.  The second case is by far the most important, finding Mo’s Upstream Mother.
  • A box of clues is given to Mo and opens up connections to her Upstream Mother.  Harm is given the lead in the case, after a vote that Mo lost.
  • With the rumor of Blackbeard’s treasure there are treasure hunters running around town.  Some of the treasure hunters are strangers and some are family, but who can be trusted.
  • Dale is planning his first kiss with Sal, the tables have turned she used to follow him around and now he follows her around.  With Valentines day quickly approaching Dale seeks the advice of every man he knows.
  • Mo has been in love with Lavender for as long as she can remember, even though he is too old for her, she knows that one day they will marry.  However she is starting to realize that there is someone else she wants to be her Valentine, will she find love the way her best friend Dale has.
  • The most important mystery to any fan of this series is the mystery of Mo’s Upstream Mother, this book will conclude that mystery.

If you haven’t read this series all I can say is, you need to.  This series has not only been my favorite young reader series ever, but it is maybe my favorite book series of any genre.  I love this series, I love Mo, Dale, and Harm, and I love Tupelo Landing and the people who live there.  I want to go to the café and dress up like a movie star with Miss Lana, I want to go to church and hear Miss Rose play the piano, I want to hear Dale and Harm sing, I want to stay in the Inn, I want to flirt with Lavender (because all women do), and I want to visit with Grandmother Miss Lacy.

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  1. I’ve always wondered about the Upstream Mother!


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