7Seven Things to Say About “Tangled in Time” by Kathryn Lasky

TTcover_750_1127_75_s1.  First can we just talk about this cover for a minute?  It is absolutely gorgeous, I would buy an extra copy just to frame!

2.  This is NOT a fairytale retelling.  This IS history retelling, through uncontrolled time travel. 

3.  Our heroine is Rose who is a sixth grader, has no father and her mother died in a car accident.  She is now living with her forgetful Grandmother.  Rose is the new girl in school and has caught the attention of the “mean girls”.  

4.  One night Rose is swept into the world of Princess Elizabeth the daughter of Anne Boleyn.  At this point Anne has already been beheaded.

5.  From here on out Rose lives between these current day and the 1500s, in both worlds she has to deal with bullying and being different.  However in both worlds she also discovers some great friends.

6.  In this story we learn that Rose has many connections to the 1500s and that she may not be the only time traveler in either world.  I saw several ways that this story could move forward as “The Portal Series”.  I have my own predictions that I will of course keep to myself.

7.  This book will not be released until March of 2019!


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