7Seven Things to Say About “Emma Rae Creation” Series by Sandra D. Bricker

For those looking for a fun Christian Fiction series “Emma Rae Creation” the perfect series.  Here are 7seven things I have to say about this series…

  • This series surrounds Emma Rae who is a baker and also happens to be diabetic, she is well known for making amazing wedding cakes.
  • In the first book “Always the Baker Never the Bride”  Emma finds herself in a new job, working for a widower.  Jackson Drake is opening the Tanglewood a hotel specializing in weddings.  It had been his late wife’s dream and he is determined to see it through with the help of his controlling, loving, and hilarious southern sisters.
  • Jackson Drake is Emma’s love interest throughout the series, as they work together on his hotel.  Their initial meeting leaves them both irritated with each other, but as we know that can lead to a great romantic comedy.
  • There are 4 books in this series in order they are
    • Always the Baker Never the Bride
    • Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride
    • Always the Designer, Never the Bride
    • Always the Baker, Finally the Bride
  • Each story is filled with weddings, new friends, and new romances.  What I love about these books is how the characters find each other and by the fourth book they have a giant found family.
  • This series is set in Atlanta, Georgia most of the staple characters are southern, but the overall cast of characters are from all over the world with the Tanglewood Hotel connecting them.
  • These books need to be read in order, because new characters are introduced and then continue on in the series.

This was the first Contemporary Christian Fiction Romance series that I ever read and it is still my favorite.  This would make a great Hallmark Movie Series, it is cheesy, romantic, funny, and I LOVE IT.  These are perfect for light summer reading.

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