7Seven Things to Say About “Hurricane Season” by Lauren K. Denton

“Hurricane Season” is Lauren’s second novel, I have read and enjoyed both.

  • Jenna is the single mother of two little girls, one is 5 years old the ohsther 3 years old.  Everything she does is for those girls, she is a manager at the local coffee shop and has put her dreams of photography on the back burner.
  • With the opportunity to go on a two week artist retreat, Jenna leaves her little girls with her older sister.  Family is hard especially for Jenna who was always making mistakes and acting impulsively.
  • After two weeks focusing on photography, Jenna isn’t ready to give up and go back to life as usual.  When given the opportunity to stay at the retreat longer, she quits her management job, and leaves her kids indefinitely with her sister.
  • Betsy and Ty Franklin run a dairy farm and have a beautiful farm perfect for raising children.   Unfortunately they have been unable to have children of their own, and that failure weighs heavily on Betsy and Ty’s relationship.
  • Betsy is surprised by her sisters request, since becoming a mom her sister hasn’t been so impulsive.  However Betsy agrees to take her nieces for two weeks, without talking to Ty.
  • As the summer comes to a close, Betsy and Ty have gotten used to having two little girls in their home.  Betsy has become too attached and the indefinite timeline her sister gave her, has made her start thinking of a new future.
  • Jenna and Betsy are both doing the best they can in the lives they are living, but both view the other as having everything.  Jenna is a Mom while Betsy longs for that title; Betsy has a life partner while Jenna goes through life on her own.  Neither can see the others pain.

This book is so rightly named “Hurricane Season”, these two sisters are both sitting on past hurts and bitterness that has been festering.  At the same time things began to get stirred up a hurricane is moving into the southeast.

In honesty I found myself on the “side” of Betsy through most of the story, and was upset at how Jenna treated her sister.  In life though I relate more to Jenna, an artist who let go of her dreams because responsibilities got in the way.  By the end of the story, I love both ladies and find their relationship is stronger then ever.

This doesn’t just follow the relationship between sisters, but also husband and wife.

I enjoyed Lauren K. Denton’s first book “The Hideaway”  but I loved this book!  This is a must read for fans of Katherine Reay.

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