7Seven Things To Say About “Honeysuckle Dreams” by Denise Hunter

  1. Denise Hunter is a popular Contemporary Christian Fiction Romance author who has had a couple of novels turned into Hallmark Movies.
  2. Brady is a single father to Sam, his wife left him not long after they were married and then died in a car accident only months after Sam was born.
  3. Hope is the best friend of Brady’s sister, she is also the main caregiver for Brady’s son Sam outside of Brady.
  4. The Parkers are Brady’s ex-wife’s parents, who claim that their daughter Audrey was already pregnant when she married Brady.  They are seeking full custody of Sam.
  5. Heather is Brady’s ex-sister-in-law and the daughter of the Parkers, she wants what is best for Sam.
  6. Calvin is Brady’s lawyer who assumed Brady and Hope were engaged and encouraged a quick marriage to help win full custody of Sam.
  7. Hope and Brady are good friends, they now have to decide whether that is enough.  Should they both jump into a relationship?  They have both been hurt by love in the past in very different ways, but both devastating.

If you are a fan of Hallmark Movies, Romantic Comedies, and Clean Romance Novels then you should pick this book up.  It is fun and easy reading.  “Honeysuckle Dreams” is a clean romance, faith is mentioned but not a major theme, I wouldn’t consider it Christian Fiction.

090528: Honeysuckle Dreams Honeysuckle Dreams

By Denise Hunter


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