7Seven Things to Say About “The Accidental Guardian”

Mary Connealy writes great western trilogies, and this is a great beginning of her next series (High Sierra Sweethearts).

  • Deborah Harkness and her sister Gwen are on a wagon train west as caregivers to two children.  They were hired by the young boys parents, who going out west to take their niece to her father, who went ahead to start a homestead. When the wagon train is attacked and burned, Deborah saves her sister and the two children.
  • Trace Riley finds the ruins of a burned wagon train, he hoped he never had to see those images again.  The last time he saw those images, it was his wagon train, and his father was among the dead.
  • Since his fathers death Trace has been alone, except for his dog and horse.  He definitely hasn’t been around women or kids.  He has two hired hands on his ranch but that is a lot different then the two women and two kids he finds near the burned wagon train.  Trace can not leave them alone in the wilderness so he takes them back to his ranch.
  • Trace Riley hadn’t just happened upon the wagon train remains, Trace has given himself the job of protecting wagon trains since his father’s death.  At first he wanted to catch the men to get revenge and protect others.  It became well known that the wagon trains had a Guardian, some claimed it was a ghost, but in truth it was Trace Riley.
  • Trace’s job of catching the men who killed his father just got a lot easier, the people who attacked Deborah’s wagon train used the same techniques.  Deborah saw the face of one of the attackers and heard the voice of another.
  • This book ends on a cliffhanger leading into the next book.  The father of the little girl who Deborah and Gwen have cared for, for many months comes to Trace’s ranch to get the kids.  The kids have just lost the only parents they have ever really known, and cling to Gwen.
  • With any Mary Connealy book, you have action, comedy, characters of faith, and romance.  This book is no exception, I loved it and I can not wait to read the next book.

If you like Christian Fiction, Westerns, Historical Fiction, and Romance all rolled into one this is a book you would enjoy.

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