7Seven Best Sitcoms From the 1970-1980s

Sitcoms allow the viewers to escape whatever is going on around them for half of an hour.  There are goofy characters faced with sometimes crazy and sometimes even normal situations how those characters react to those situations can be very entertaining.

Here are 7seven of my favorite sitcoms from the 70s and 80s, I believe the sitcoms of the 1970s are some of the best ever made.  They are listed in order of release not rating.

  • Mary Tyler Moore 1970-1977– A single woman in her 30’s making a way for herself as she navigates her personal life and professional life.  This show is hands down my favorite all time sitcom,  this show has an amazing cast of characters, from the grouchy newsroom boss Lou Grant to the bohemian Rhoda Morgenstern a family is created and I just want to live and work with these people.

  • The Bob Newhart Show 1972-1978- Bob and Emily are a married couple in this series, he is a psychologist and she is a grade school teacher in Chicago, IL.  This follows them and their friends as they go through life professionally and personally.  The humor in this is witty, dry, and well timed my favorite character is the Airplane Navigator Howard who is Bob and Emily’s neighbor.

  • Rhoda 1974-1978- This is a spin off of Mary Tyler Moore Show, following Rhoda as she moves back to New York City and gets married.  Rhoda is one of my favorite TV characters and even though I missed her with Mary, she keeps her bohemian artsy personality and that is worth watching.  In New York City we have Rhoda’s husband Joe who is divorced with a son, Brenda Rhoda’s little sister, and of course Rhoda’s parents.  Rhoda starts her own business as a freelance window decorator.  

  • Barney Miller 1975-1982– This group of detectives from the 12th precinct deal with social issues as they work together to keep their community safer.  I love the humor in this show, even though it is dealing with big issues such as racism, domestic violence, and stereotyping it still leaves you laughing. 

  • Laverne and Shirley 1976-1983-This show is a spin-off of Happy Days, but in my opinion this is so much better.  It follows two single women in their early 20’s as they work in a brewery, look for love, and maneuver through life with a wacky group of friends.  This show is unique as it not only has the Laverne and Shirley comedic duo, but it also has Lenny and Squiggy who on several occasions steal the show.

  • Golden Girls 1985-1992– Golden Girls is a show everyone already knows, 4 women who have lived full lives decide to live together as they deal with life in their golden years.  With sarcasm, wit, wisdom, and stories the laughs are non-stop.

  • Designing Women 1986-1993- Four women work together to grow an interior design business in Atlanta, Ga.  This show deals with some pretty serious subjects, it shows women problem solving, standing up for themselves, and not backing down.  They do all of this with a wacky sidekick Bernice and of course Anthony their delivery driver turn partner.  I quote this show on a daily basis.

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