7Seven Things to Say About “Unwritten”

Young Reader book “Unwritten” by Tara Gilboy

  1. Gracie suffers from glimmers (memories) from a life she isn’t living.  The glimmers are from what would have been if her Mom hadn’t saved her from an Evil Queen in the storybook world they are from.
  2. Gracie and her Mother are not the only people from this fictional world that have now ended up in the real world.  Gracie’s friend Walter and his Parents are also from that world, the only difference is that Walter doesn’t know about the fictional world.
  3. When Gertrude Winters comes to town Gracie believes she will finally get some answers, her mother never really told her what their story was about.  Gertrude Winters wrote their story, but never published it.  Gracie seeks Gertrude out even though her Mom forbid her from contacting Gertrude.  When Gertrude doesn’t recognize Gracie she accidently sends their whole world into a spiral.
  4. Walter and Gracie who are both 12 are forced into the reality of their real lives in the storybook they came from.  They learn the true power of the story Gertrude wrote.
  5. One of the major themes in this is trust,  all of the adults seem to be lying in some way.  However the real thing Gracie has to learn is to trust herself, and not the character that she was written to be.
  6. Queen Cassandra is the ultimate villain, or is she just the victim of Gertrude Winters writing?
  7. “Unwritten” by Tara Gilboy will be released October 16th 2018.  This was a fresh take on the “Storybook” verse “Real World” stories, it was well written, kept me engaged and moved fast.  It is clear this is going to be a series, and I am looking forward to reading more.

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