7Seven Favorite Books By Karen Witemeyer

No one and I mean no one writes Historical Christian Westerns like Karen Witemeyer.  Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of authors in the Christian Western genre and I appreciate them all, but if Karen Witemeyer wrote it I loved it.  Her books are filled with wit, action, mystery, and romance.  From the first book I read she quickly became a must buy author.

  • I was recently given the opportunity through Net Galley to read the advanced copy of her newest book “More Than Meets the Eye”.  This book has become my new favorite, the prologue had me in tears.  I wanted, needed to know what happened to Evie, Zach, and Seth.  The Hamiltons are a family who stick close to each other, Zach has always been the provider.  Logan comes to town for justice for his family and revenge against Zach Hamilton.  This book is filled with redemption, love, acceptance, and family. This is the first in her new series (Patchwork Family)

  • A Tailor-Made Bride- When Hannah opens a dress shop in Coventry, Texas the local Livery owner Jericho knows she is going to be trouble.  Jericho’s mom was vein and believed material possessions were more important than anything else, Hannah believes that beautiful clothing enhances the beauty God created.  Jericho and Hannah spend a lot of time not understanding each other, this is a classic romantic comedy.

  • Short Straw Bride– Meredith discovers that her fiancé is planning to push the Archer family off of their property with illegal methods.  Years earlier Travis Archer had saved Meredith and she couldn’t allow the man she has considered her hero all these years to be hurt by her fiancé.  Through the normal romantic comedy shenanigans Meredith must marry one of the Archer boys or marry her shady fiancé.  Travis Archer is eager to marry Meredith but his pride stands in his way, so with a rigged short straw in his pocket he loses (wins) her hand.  This is the first book of the (Archer Brothers) series

  • No Other Will Do– Emma Chandler is the creator of the women’s colony Harper’s Station, Texas.  This is a place for women to go for safety, many of the women have fled abusive situations and dangerous men.  When the colony of women start receiving threats and bullets start to fly Emma turns to the only man in her life that she knows she can trust completely.  Malachi Shaw was taken in by Emma and her aunts when he was alone, cold, and hungry hiding in their barn.  From the first moment he saw Emma she was his angel.  Now they are both grown up and haven’t seen each other in years, but one letter saying she needs him and he drops everything to save his angel.  This book is deeper than the normal romantic comedy we were used to from Karen Witemeyer, but it is still written with the same wit and talent. This is the first book of the (Ladies of Harper’s Station) series

  • Full Steam Ahead– Nicole’s father has always held the Lafitte Dagger as the families greatest treasure, so much so that he sets it as her dowry.  When a competing business try to steal the dagger, Nicole steals it first, taking it with her on the husband hunting mission her parents sent her on.  Nicole believes that she is being followed so to throw them off her scent she changes her travel plans.  Ending up looking for work to raise more money for her detour, she takes a job with a strange scientist who lacks social skills.  Darius is determined to prevent steamboat accidents like the one he had survived, tormented by the screams of the people he couldn’t save.  Darius and Nicole discover that each holds secrets that could help the other.

  • A Worthy Pursuit– Stone is a bounty hunter who is determined to find the woman who kidnapped the granddaughter of his client, he has little use for people that mistreat children.  When he finds the former headmistress of Sullivan’s Academy he is surprised to find Charlotte a loving woman, mothering not only Lily but two other children.  Charlotte is always on guard knowing that Lily’s grandfather is out there.  So when Stone shows up she can either run, or convince him that she is Lily’s rightful guardian and his client is the villain.

  • Stealing the Preacher- When Crockett travels to interview for a position at a church in Piney Woods, Texas he is taken off the train at gunpoint, the outlaws took nothing but him.  Crockett soon discovers he is a birthday present for the daughter of the gangs ringleader.  Joanna is mortified that her father a retired outlaw would hold up a train and take a preacher hostage.  Joanna is determined to convince him to stay, her little town needs a preacher just as much as the town he is going to.  This book is the second book of the (Archer Brothers) Series

If you are a fan of Romantic Comedies and/or Westerns then these books are for you.

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