7Seven Things To Say About “Only in Gooding” Series

A very popular sub-genre under Historical Christian Fiction is Western.  It is in fact one of my favorite sub-genres, and Cathy Marie Hake is one of my favorite Western authors.  Here are my 7seven things I have to say about “Only in Gooding” Series.



  1. Fancy Pants is book one, Lady Sydney escapes an arranged marriage in America by running to Texas where her Uncle lives.  The only problem is he thinks Sydney is his Nephew, when Sydney figures this out she dresses as a man.  When she arrives at her Uncle’s ranch he is out of town and his ranch foreman decides to whip Sydney into shape.
  2. Forevermore is book two, Hope travels from farm to farm helping to cook for the harvesters.  This time Hope has arrived at the home of a widower Jakob, his daughter, and his pregnant sister.  Jakob doesn’t have the money to pay Hope, but he really does need the help as he tries to keep his sister safe from a dangerous man.
  3. Whirlwind is book three and the first book of the series I read.  Millicent was abruptly let go from her governess position where she had raised two little girls as if they were her own.  Their father gave her no reason, but he did give her a bracelet and a letter of recommendation.  Millicent decides to accompany her Sister and Brother-in-Law to America.  Along the way they meet a widower Daniel and his young son who Millicent takes charge of on the boat.  Their plans change and when they get to America they head to Gooding, Texas.
  4. That Certain Spark is book four, when Taylor arrives in Gooding, Texas as the new doctor the town is shocked.  Taylor is a woman, most people are just glad they now have a capable doctor in town.  Some however will do anything to run Taylor out of town.
  5. Serendipity is book five and also my least favorite of the series.  Todd and Maggie marry after a hasty courtship.  Maggie picks up her life and moves to Gooding, Texas with Todd and his widowed Mother.  While Todd and Maggie adapt to married life, Todd’s Mother doesn’t approve of anything Maggie does.
  6. I love this series because each book could stand on its own.  Gooding, Texas plays a major part in all of the stories which allows the reader to hear about what is going on with their favorite characters throughout the entire series.
  7. I think this series would make a great TV show, each book could be its on season.  That would allow for 5 seasons with the town and characters of Gooding, Texas.

If I was to suggest only one book from this series it would be Whirlwind it is my favorite from the series.

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