7Seven Things to Say About “The Heart Between Us”


  1. “The Heart Between Us” by: Lindsay Harrel is the best Contemporary Fiction I have read in awhile, I look forward to Lindsay Harrel’s future work.  I would compare Lindsay Harrel’s writing to Katherine Reay, and I would compare “The Heart Between Us” with my favorite Katherine Reay book “Lizzy & Jane”
  2. The main characters are Megan and her twin sister Crystal who are 32 year old twins living very different lives, yet both needing to get out of the ruts they are in.
  3. Megan received a heart transplant 3 years ago, after living much of her life ill.  Megan can now go out and enjoy adventure, however fear keeps holding her back.
  4. Crystal walked out on her sister during her transplant 3 years ago, she not only walked out on Megan but began pushing away everyone she loves, including her husband.
  5. Megan meets the family whose teen daughter Amanda died in a car accident resulting in her heart donation.  They share Amanda’s journal with Megan, it included Amanda’s bucket list.
  6. Megan decides that she will complete Amanda’s very adventurous bucket list, taking her all around the world.  Crystal calls Megan for the first time in 3 years and asks if she can join her on this journey.
  7. While traveling, blogging, reading Amanda’s journal, reconnecting with her sister, and an old friend Megan begins to trust God again.

This is a great read, for anyone in the midst of transition it holds a lot of inspiration; and anyone who just wants a really great read about sisters, friendship, and love.




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