7Seven Things to Say about “Persuasion”

As I said in an earlier post “Persuasion” is my favorite Jane Austen novel.  Here are 7seven thing about “Persuasion”

  1. Anne Elliot is smart and her opinion and help is always sought by others. When her family becomes financially unstable, they must downsize, rent their estate, and take a place in Bath, England.
  2. When moving to Bath, Anne’s family take a young widow with them and leave Anne to take care of preparing the house.  There reasoning is that no one expects or needs Anne in Bath so she can stay here longer. Anne left her families estate and went to spend time with her younger sister’s family.
  3. Anne Elliot turned down a marriage proposal from a man of little means 8 years ago.  She had originally accepted, but was ‘persuaded’ to decline by a older friend, who pointed out that should she marry a man with no fortune her family would disown her.  She loved Wentworth, and  regretted that they had parted.
  4. Captain Wentworth who after being jilted by Anne went and made his fortune in the Navy.  He is now back in England and staying with his sister and brother-in-law who just so happen to be renting Anne’s home.  So after 8 years Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth are now in the same social circles.
  5. Here is where we see Captain Wentworth frankly make a fool of himself.  Captain Wentworth becomes a flirt, he flirts with all of the ladies, while ignoring Anne.  From the first time I read “Persuasion” I have loved Captain Wentworth, however his pride is evident here, he is playing a game.
  6. After their group is separated, Captain Wentworth has had time to reflect on his bad behavior; I love that he sees what a fool he was.
  7. Captain Wentworth after overhearing a conversation writes Anne a letter, and it is a GREAT letter.  I remember where I was sitting the first time I read Captain Wentworth’s letter, it is a big reason “Persuasion” is my favorite book.

If you have never read “Persuasion” YOU NEED TO, it is such a great story.  There are two very good film adaptations, but I highly suggest reading the book first!

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