7seven Things To Say About “The Austen Escape” by Katherine Reay

  1. If you love all things Jane Austen you will enjoy this book, about two friends from childhood who go for a two-week stay in a manor house in England.
  2. Mary is a single woman and a successful engineer, she is in need of some change in her life.
  3. Mary and Isabel are old friends but maybe not best friends, through their stay in England they discover secrets about each other and themselves that will change their future.
  4. Nathan seems to be involved in both Mary’s professional and personal life, when she finally comes to terms with one, the other falls apart.
  5. Katherine Reay has the ability to write emotions and relationships that are complex and complicated.
  6. Isabel loses her memory and has assumed a role during Jane Austen’s time in Bath, England.
  7. If you have never read a Jane Austen book, this would be a great book to read, there is a reference guide in the front of the book.

This is a fun read!

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