7seven Things to Say about “Pride and Prejudice”

Jane Austen is my absolute favorite author, she is the creator of the romantic dramedy.  People assume that when you say your favorite author is Jane Austen, then your favorite book is, “Pride and Prejudice”.  The fact is my favorite book is “Persuasion”, though “Pride and Prejudice” is a extremely close second.

Here are 7seven things I want to say about “Pride and Prejudice”…

  1. I want to start right out of the gate with Lizzie, Elizabeth Bennet is a great female character.  She stands out, she isn’t the prettiest Bennet daughter but she is she the strongest.  Lizzie has no desire to just marry the first man that comes along, though her mother would gladly marry her off to anyone.  For a woman at this time she can only go from her father’s home to her husband’s home.  Lizzie doesn’t want to just marry for protection, but for love; she wants more then what she sees in her parent’s marriage.  Lizzie is also not afraid to share her opinion, whether with Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mr. Collins, or even Mr. Darcy.
  2. Mr. Darcy, let’s just look at this man who has become the biggest literary heartthrob of all time.  Mr. Darcy gets judged rather harshly by many, he is viewed as proud, prejudice, and just plain snobby.  In actuality he is awkward, he worries about his reputation, he is uncomfortable in large social occasions, and he has no idea how to express himself well.  I have to be honest, I can relate to his social anxieties.  He was raised to hold a certain standard, and he is honest in his fears about that.  Does he need to grow as a person, yes, but that is what makes him so great, he is flawed.
  3. This book was originally titled “First Impressions”, the story involves a lot of introductions and first impressions.  Lizzie judged Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham all wrong because of first impressions, in fact the whole community did.
  4. The Bennet family, father, mother, and five daughters; each daughter has a completely different personality.  The mother is desperate to marry her daughter off to wealthy eligible men, while their father just hides away.
  5. When Lizzie and Mr. Darcy meet at Pemberly, we really get to see them in their comfort zones. Lizzie is away from her immediate family, and Mr. Darcy is at home where he can fully be himself.  Although they still have some hurdles to overcome.
  6. The proposals I’m not going to go into too much detail here, there are at least 4.5 proposal scenes in “Pride and Prejudice”.  Who knew a proposal of marriage could go so wrong, although I will say one of these proposals is in fact amazing.
  7. I want to make a couple statements about the movies, mainly the 1995 and 2005 movies.  The 1995 movie with Colin Firth, stays closer to the book, while the 2005 version is shorter and more artfully produced.  I love both movies equally, however if you love either movie and have never read the book, you are missing out.

I love “Pride and Prejudice” and think it is an extremely entertaining book, yes it has a lot of romance; but it also has a family and community in it that gives it broad appeal.  For those that find the words hard to follow when reading there are some great audio books out there.


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