7Seven Things to Say About the “Hidden Justice” series

I enjoy a good mystery, and that is exactly what this series is.  Here are the 7seven things I have to say about this series…

  1. They are well written, Cara Putman is a lawyer, giving her some pretty good on the job training to write legal thrillers.
  2. Each book has a conclusion, there are no cliff hangers in the mystery, that is my favorite thing.  I don’t like getting into a suspenseful book, get to the end, and realize that I have to wait for the next book to have closure.  In this series closure is gained at the end of each book.
  3. Each story follows a lawyer as they deal with a particularly challenging case, it also follows there personal life, adding just a little romance to the suspense.
  4. Of course this is Christian Fiction though it is not a book that will grow your faith, it is a book filled with Christian characters who are maneuvering through their daily lives leaning on God.
  5.  The stories move quickly and the characters are all well developed.
  6. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes clean Christian Based Novels, this is for fans of Colleen Cobles mysteries.  I would also suggest this to parents whose kids liked John Grisham’s “Kid Lawyer” series, especially if they are looking for something a little older.  The books are clean, and would be a good transition from a kid series.
  7. There are currently two books and one novella published in this series, the third book will be published October 16, 2018.

As I mentioned these books are legal thrillers, however they are also easy reads and worth checking out.

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