7seven Favorite Britcoms

With the help of the local PBS station I was introduced to Britcoms (British Sitcoms) around 20 years ago.  Since then I have fallen in love with several, and with streaming services like Hulu and Netflix more Britcoms have become available to the masses.

Now it needs to be said that though I love the following shows dearly, the humor is a bit cheeky.  You can not buy all of these on DVD, some you can download, some you can stream, and some unfortunately are not available in any format yet.

  • As Time Goes By– This series stars Dame Judy Dench and Geoffrey Palmer who play Jean and Lionel.  This is a Britcom that many have seen on PBS, it is a clean and wholesome show I would rate it as TV-PG.  As Time Goes By follows Jean and Lionel as they rekindle a romance lost 38 years earlier when Lionel’s letter home to Jean was lost between Korea and London.  Jean a widow now owns her own secretarial agency and has a twenty-something daughter Judith, Lionel is divorced, has returned to Britain, and has written a book about the past 30 years as the owner of a coffee plantation in Kenya, Africa.  As Time Goes By lasted 9 series and a two hour special reunion episode, it is available to purchase in the US on DVD.
  • The Café– This series follows Sarah as she has returned home after personal and professional failures.  She now lives with her mother (Carol) and grandmothCAF.001.jpger (Nan), and helps them run the family Café in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England.  Sarah tries to sort out her life with best friends Chloe, Keiran, and her very best friend and ex Richard.  This series makes you laugh and pulls at your heartstrings, I would rate this as TV-14.  You can download the first season on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, the second season is unfortunately unavailable.
  • Miranda-This series follows Miranda a Joke/Gift Shop owner, she is in her mid-thirties, single, extremely tall, and a bit overweight.  Miranda her best friend Stevie, the DREAMY Gary, and her mother Penny are the core players, with a few odd ball regulars that add to the crazy.  I think I lau1319_1_mira_90.jpggh harder with this series then with any of the others, Miranda is genuine, awkward, jolly, and totally in love with Gary.  I love that this series follows a woman that many would overlook, but Miranda isn’t overlooked she’s not on the shelf and she is worthy of love. All 4 seasons can be watched on HULU, I would rate this series as TV-MA.

  • Waiting For God– This series follows Tom and Diana who reside in a retirement home.  They prove that even though they are at the end of their lives they can still have fun and cause a LOT of trouble.  There are 6 seasons and they can be purchase on DVD in the US, I would rate this series as TV-MA.


  • Old Guys– This series follows Tom and Roy who became roommates after Roy’s wife left him.  Sally the neighbor20679, Amber Tom’s daughter, and Steve Sally’s son, make up the secondary characters.  In my opinion Amber steals the show in many episodes, there are 2 seasons and I would rate this as TV-MA.  In the US this show is currently unavailable on DVD or Download.

  • Keeping Up Appearances– This series follows Hyacinth and her husband Richard Bucket.  Hyacinth of course insists Bucket is pronounced Bouquet, she strives to be socially superior to those around her.  She hides her unsavory family from her friends, however neither group cares about social status, which leaves Hyacinth working like mad to preserve something she neither has nor needs. This series can go from hilarious, to annoying, but that is the case for many situation comedies.  I would rate this TV-PG, this series can be purchased on DVD in the US.


  • Sitting here trying to pick a 7seventh Britcom I couldn’t, I have several more I love but none that I can highlight with such enthusiasm.  So I will highlight The Café and Miranda again, both series are full of heart, friends, family, and fun.  I love these shows, I can relate to the main characters on many levels, and it is refreshing to see shows about women in there 30s who are single and figuring out who they are.  I can’t say it enough, I LOVE THESE SHOWS.

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