7seven Young Reader Series that Entertain.




Here are 7seven young reader series that will entertain not only kids but adults…

  • Benjamin Pratt & the Keepers of the School by: Andrew Clements– Ben’s school is going to be torn down and turned into an amusement park, and he loves the idea.  Until he has a strange exchange with the school janitor and learns the school holds many secrets that must remain safe.  Ben takes on the job “keeper of the school”, with the help of Jill, and even Robert he works to save the school from destruction.  This series reminds me of the movie National Treasure, I really enjoyed this 5 book series.  When Mr. Clements first started the series it was supposed to be 6 books, however he stopped at 5.  Though the ending was rushed and a bit, just a bit frustrating, I really enjoyed the adventure these kids went on.

  • Masterminds by: Gordon Korman– Eli, Tori, Malik, and Amber work together to figure out who they are and how they came to live in Serenity, New Mexico.  In the beginning they are all happy to live in a safe utopian society, because it is all they know.  Murder, theft, and crime are words they have never heard, and according to their history class the Boston Tea Party was… a Tea Party.  When they discover their entire lives have been science experiments they will stop at nothing to get the answers, and gain freedom.  This 3 book series is so good, that I was sad to see it end.

  • The Wide Awake Princess by E.D. Baker– This series follows Princess Annie, she is the younger sister of Princess Gwen.  This series starts out with a sleeping beauty retelling, Gwen and the entire castle fall asleep, except Annie.  Annie can not be touched by magic, making her the best heroine for a kingdom filled with magic.  Annie goes out in search of her sisters true love, when her first task is successful, Annie with the help of Liam continue to save the kingdom.  I have only read the first 4 books and have enjoyed all of them, however there are at least 3 more I have yet to read.  This series is for anyone who enjoyed the movies Tangled or Brave.

  • Theodore Boone by: John Grisham– Theodore Boone is the son of two lawyers, and he will someday be a lawyer himself.  People are always turning to Theo to help them with legal help, at only 13 he has a wealth of legal knowledge, and he can’t charge.  Theo has a knack for solving crimes as he helps his … clients, he also has a great respect for the law and justice.  I really enjoyed the first 3 books, but have yet to read all 6 current books.

  • Mo & Dale Mysteries by: Sheila Turnage– I know I already devoted an entire blog post to this series, however it is just so good that I couldn’t leave it off of this list.  Mo was found as a baby floating in the river during a hurricane, Dale is the youngest son of the town drunk.  This series follows them as they deal with their birth and found families, all while solving crimes in a tiny North Carolina town, that is a family of its own.

  • Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by: Chris Grabenstein– This series is a dream for those who love books, and have read a variety of them.  Mr. Lemoncello is to books and games, as Willie Wonka is to candy.  Mr. Lemoncello creates games, puzzles, and riddles for Kyle, his friends, and his foes; as the kids work hard strategizing although Mr.  Lemoncello can always see there true intentions.

  • Mother-Daughter Book Club by: Heather Vogel Frederick– This series follows Megan, Emma, Jess, Cassidy, and Becca as they read the classics with their moms.  The books the girls read include Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Daddy Long Legs, Pride and Prejudice, Betsy-Tacy, Jane Eyre, and Understood Betsy. From 6th grade to College these girls grow up together and form a lasting friendship, this series is about so much more than a book club.  This series is also a great way to introduce classics to young readers.


I prefer to read stand alone books, I do not have the patience for series, however these 7seven are all worth waiting for.


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