7Seven Great Storytime Books

Having worked in a bookstore, I was called upon to lead storytime quite often.  I love picture books for many reasons, not only do you get a great story, but picture books are full of beautiful artwork.  When choosing a storytime book it requires more than a great story and artwork, it requires a story with great flow.  There are a lot of books that have a great story but in a storytime setting can fall flat.

Here are 7seven of my favorites picture books that always keep the kids attention…

Silly Doggy! Written and Illustrated by: Adam Stower – This is a story of a little girl who mistakes a bear in her backyard for a doggy.  It is really cute and flows well in storytime, the kids have fun exclaiming “It’s a BEAR!”.

The Monster at the End of this Book by: John Stone – This is a classic but it holds up, I always seem to go into a Grover-esque voice when reading it.  It is a big hit with kids as well, I get more requests to reread this, then any other book.

Press Here by: Herve Tullet – This is such a fun book to do for storytime, especially with a new group of kids, or if another book seemed to bore them.  I like to take the book around and get each kid involved, they get to help with storytime.  This book always leads to a fun storytime.

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons By: Eric Litwin, Illustrated By: James Dean – This is my favorite Pete the Cat book, I enjoy the others but for storytime this just flows the best.  I am not a singer but I find the song easy to sing in the flow of the book.  The kids always enjoy saying “Goodness No”, I also like the message of not being materialistic or crying over lost buttons.
The Three Ninja Pigs By: Corey Rosen Schwartz, Illustrated by: Dan Santant – I think this book is on this list for a couple of reasons.  First it is rhythmical which I love, and second everytime I read this story and get to the line, “she could break boards in two by performing a perfect pork chop!” the kids would giggle and it made the whole book worth it.


Let’s Do Nothing By Tony Fucile – This is a great picture book for younger and older kids, it is not too long but it is relatable.  Frankie and Sal are bored, they have done EVERYTHING that they could do, so now they are going to do NOTHING.  That is when they learn that doing NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE, illustrations work really well to tell the story.


This is Not My Hat By Jon Klassen – This is a great book the illustrations and the words work together to tell a story of a little fish who has stolen a big fishes hat, and the consequences that follow.


Truth be told I didn’t even get through half of my favorite books, I mean there isn’t even a Dr. Seuss or Mo Willems book listed.  These are 7seven great storytime books but there are so many more.  I may have to list my top 49 favorite picture books in another post.

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  1. Thanks for the post and half of your top 7 are mine too! And you are so right: Dr. Seuss and Mo Willems just get their own StoryTimes!

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