7Seven Things about “The Innkeeper’s Daughter”

7Seven things I have to say about this Michelle Griep’s newest book.

  1. Johanna’s a stubborn women, I found that annoying and relatable.  I enjoyed watching her faith grow.
  2. I loved Mam, and that her story was deeper then just being Johanna’s mom.  I would have liked her secrets to have been a little more intriguing.
  3. I would have liked Thomas to learn gambling doesn’t pay, however he did have his fair share of hard times for a kid.
  4. There ended up being too many secrets and revelations in the end, some I saw coming and some I didn’t.
  5. Alex was a great hero, he wanted to do the right thing but his job required a certain level of deception he wasn’t comfortable with.  I also loved seeing his faith grow.
  6. There are a lot of secondary characters in this book, some are fun, interesting, weird, and unfortunately some are not fully developed.
  7. The romance between Johanna and Alex is pretty great.

I enjoyed reading this book, I would definitely read more books by Michelle Griep.  I also look forward to any future books.

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