Intrigue, Espionage, and Historical Fiction

I tend to read to escape the stress of my everyday life, meaning I usually stick with books that are a bit fluffier, lighter, and entertaining.  The downside to fluffy is predictable,  last year when I happened upon “The Lost Heiress” by Roseanna M. White on sale I downloaded it, choosing to add the audio version as the job I had at the time gave me hours to listen to books.  To look at “The Lost Heiress” it looks like any historical romance Christian fiction fluff which I enjoy, but that can be a gamble on quality.

I am an avid fan of books that include intriguing mysteries that keep me on the edge of my seat. I am also an avid fan of Historical Christian Fiction and when those two things mix well, I devour the book.  That is what happened with “The Lost Heiress” by Roseanna M. White, from the very first chapter, I loved it.  Since then I have discovered the same of other books by Roseanna M. White including her newest “A Song Unheard”.  Here are my 7seven reasons why…

    1. Not to take away from Roseanna M. White’s writing ability but the narrator Liz Pearce so perfectly incorporates all of the accents, and dialogue perfectly.  I would have enjoyed these books with a different narrator, but they would have lacked the magic.
    2. Willa is a thief, period, she was abandoned as a child and had to make it in London on her own; until she found a family in others like herself.  Now she has to deal with her found family changing, she doesn’t like it, but she has a job to do.  She takes a job working for a shady man in the British Government during WWI, as long as he pays she doesn’t really care why he has hired her.  Willa is observant, subtle, calculating, and oh yeah, by the way she is a violin prodigy as well.
    3. This is the second book in the Shadows over England series, each of these books could be read on its own.  In “A Song Unheard” we learn so much more about this found family in London.  They work together as thieves on the streets in London to keep food on the table, when someone finds an abandoned child on the streets they take them to the “Family”.  The adults in the “Family” Rosemary, Willa, and Barclay, all were once hungry and alone on the streets; they can not turn away these children, so they take them in and train them to do what they do.
    4. Lukas De Wilde is the perfect leading man for a romance novel, however he is a bit preoccupied as his entire world was burned down by the Germans and he is now a refuge in Wales.  He doesn’t know where his family is or even if they are safe, and now the government where he has been taken for refuge wants something they think he has.
    5. Margot Lukas’s sister holds a secret of her own actually many, she is 14 years old and living in occupied Brussels under an assumed name.  Margot and her mother are now living in the same house as a German officer.
    6. The romance in “A Song Unheard” is fairly predictable, however throughout the story unpredictable revelations, allies, and situations occur keeping me on the edge of my seat.
    7. These books are Christian Fiction, they are not preachy, but God’s love and salvation is weaved through these stories for the characters and the reader.  Roseanna M. White does a great job sharing her faith and uplifting others in their faith.

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