7seven Underrated Screwball Comedies from the 1930s

I love classic movies, in fact I own more movies from before 1970 then after.  Actresses like Jean Arthur and Irene Dunne made the 1930s one of the greatest decades in Cinema for screwball comedies.   Here are some of my favorite lesser known screwball comedies.

  • The Rage of Paris (1938) this is a FAVORtherageofparisITE of mine, French actress Danielle Darrieux as Nicole and the dreamy Douglas Fairbanks Jr as Jim.  This screwball comedy is conveniently in public domain and can be easily viewed on YouTube.  An out of work French model has been evicted from her New York apartment.  With the help of her older neighbor and Mike the head waiter at a swanky hotel she is on her way to finding a wealthy husband.


  • Easy Living (1937) this is not my favorite Jean Aeasy-living-arthur-milland-endingrthur movie but it is great fun, she plays opposite Ray Milland.  When a mink coat falls from a 5th avenue window and lands on Jean Arthurs new hat a misunderstanding turns her life upside down.


  • The Awful Truth (1937)  this movie includes the AMAZING Mr. awfultruthCary Grant, this movie follows Cary and Irene as their characters go through a divorce.  Sharing custody of a dog keeps them connected. Neither really want the divorce, but pride keeps them from speaking up.  One of the best moments in this film is Irene Dunne singing “Gone with the Wind”


  • First Love (1939) first loveThis movie is a Cinderella musical romantic comedy starring Deanna Durbin and Ted Drake.  Deanna is an orphaned college graduate who moves in with her uncles spoiled family.  It doesn’t take long for her cousin to become jealous and spoil any chance for her to make friends or feel welcome.


  • Midnight (1939) Claudette Colbert old-midnightand Don Amache star as an Hungarian taxi driver who picks up an unemployed American in Paris.  She promises to pay her taxi bill once she gets a job in a night club.  When she finally gives up on finding a job she sneaks away from his taxi.  Using an old pawn ticket to sneak into a party.  Once inside she borrows the taxi drivers last name she claims a royal connection.


  • Good Girls Go to Paris (1939) Joa1939-Good-Girls-Go-to-Paris-Joan-Blondell-Melvyn-Douglasn Blondell and Melvyn Douglas star in this film as a waitress seeking a wealthy beau and a English professor who tries to teach her morals using Aesop’s Fables.  When she ends up crashing his wedding party as an unexpected bridesmaid things get all mixed up.


  • Libeled Lady (1936) This film is packed with talent Myrna Loy, William Powell, Spencer Tracy, and Jean Halibeled ladyrlow.  Myrna is a wealthy woman whom newspapers are constantly printing stories about, when she sues the paper, the editor hires a man with low morals to compromise her character.

These movies are classic movie treasures, unfortunately many people have never heard of them.

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